About Us


Company History

InfoMAT Services has decades of banking experience in hardware, software and service solutions.

InfoMAT has recently extended its market coverage to the Retail and HORECA (HOspitality, REtail, CAtering) industry sectors, through the incorporation of InfoStore, a known distributor of products and solutions for these markets. 

Already a formidable leader in the ATM self-service and ATM Physical Security solutions, boasting over 300 Italian bank customers, InfoMAT can now proudly claim that 8 out of 10 Italian HORECA customers benefit from the rich set of solutions on offer through InfoMAT’s extensive partner network.

With a strong emphasis on providing additional services to our customers, InfoMAT has not only enriched its portfolio of services, logistics and products, but has strengthened its position within the Italian market in Central and Southern Italy by taking over the operations of BlueServizi S.r.l.. 

Always looking for new opportunities to serve both Retail and Banking customers, InfoMAT continues to focus on excellence, innovation and the use of technology to enable a self-service world.

Company Core Values

InfoMAT is a privately held company. All employees benefit from shared values of a strong work ethic, respect and recognition of each other as well as that towards the company’s success.

InfoMAT is customer focused, where innovation and technology are at the forefront. Driven to deploy solutions that anticipate customer and market requirements, InfoMAT heavily invests in research and development, to continually define solutions for today’s self-service challenges.

Company Solutions

InfoMAT is a leader in self-service Banking, Retail, and HORECA solutions, including hardware, software, services, and security solutions.

InfoMAT provides assistance to customers in the following areas: logistics, installation and distribution, maintenance, Help Desk services with highly skilled technical staff, allowing clients the opportunity to outsource their payment solutions.

Research and development is a key area of interest. The combination of engineering experience and the ability to actively listen to a customers’ needs, provides us with a solid base to face any challenge, especially in the area of payments in both the banking and retail industries.

Our numbers

+6 Years




+6 Billion


Company Structure

InfoMAT has created an infrastructure that allows for innovative ideas to flow.

Each department lives by this creed and continues to refine its own processes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Effective decision-making is vital to the success of any business. InfoMAT has demonstrated thought leadership through the guidance of its Directors, Claudio Benvenuti, Roberto Brancaleon and Alessandro Santalucia.

Claudio Benvenuti


Claudio boasts over 30 years of experience in Self service banking.  At NCR, Claudio was the Sales Manager in the Banking division covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).  The next step in Claudio’s career brought him to Euronet where he was responsible for driving growth of their ATM outsourcing business in several European countries.  With such experience already under his wings, founding InfoMAT Services in Italy became Claudio’s next big challenge.  

As President and co-owner, Claudio has been successfully guiding the company’s strategic growth, with particular focus on self-service banking, security and payment solutions, for the past 10 years. 

Roberto Brancaleon

Operations Director

Roberto’s vast experience began in the 90’s with the introduction of ATMs in Italy.  An NCR veteran, he spent 17 years managing the Customer Services organisation, as well as being responsible for key deployment projects of Italy’s then top 10 banks.    

Through that experience, Roberto founded and managed for 10 years, a company specialised in the sales, service, security solutions and support of an ever growing ATM install base.

For the past 13 years, as the Operations Manager and co-owner,  Roberto has been successful in managing the company’s R&D budget, coupled with his strong technical capabilities, have proven extremely invaluable in growing InfoMAT’s product portfolio, including the more recent launch of Gen2, ATM physical security solutions.  

Alessandro Santalucia

Sales & Marketing Director

Alessandro has close to 40 years of Sales experience within various high tech European companies.  

At NCR, his key responsibility was selling PC and Unix Systems solutions, eventually transitioning over to becoming the Retail Channel Sales Manager.   In the early 90s, Alessandro was appointed as global General Manager for Olivetti’s portable computer solutions division.  Kudos also for being the co-inventor of the first A5 notebook. 

His career path and love of technology led him to develop the first Italian company, Picturel, actively promoting videoconferencing services.  With Picturel, Alessandro’s role evolved to a European sales role leading to an eventual relocation to Paris and London.  In 2001 he re-joined NCR as a Vice President for the European Sales Channel and in 2009 Alessandro leaves NCR one last time to set up his own businesses.  InfoSTORE (Italy) as well as New Vision Inco (Lithuania) are launched, selling solutions into both the Retail and Banking industries.  

In July 2022, InfoStore merged with InfoMAT Services where Alessandro will lead Sales and Marketing.

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