Protect your Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATMs with innovative technology, resistant to ATM explosives and gas penetration

ShockBuster™ TTW is effective and proven to deterring ATM safe explosions.

Worry less about your ATM being alone in remote locations, ShockBuster will be there to provide the first level of prevention and resistance to explosions.

While under attack, ShockBuster’s alarm central will immediately trigger any of the following alarms:  audible, visual, and/or security central, giving you contact flexibility and immediate response.

Through the use of three different types of hardened steel, coupled with advanced electronic intelligence, ShockBuster locks down any access to the ATM’s safe, thus preventing the  ability to insert any type of explosive. And if you have a cash recycler, that’s protected too.

Design strategy is built around PREVENTION. Prevent loss of life.  Prevent customer disruption.  Prevent costly structural damages.  Prevent complete ATM replacement.

ShockBuster works on the simple idea that the safe remains impenetrable to explosive insertion, whether gas or solid, even when it is presenting the cash to a customer.

In less than 1.5 hours you can already begin to enjoy ShockBuster’s added security against ATM attacks.

Things you should know:​
Benefits you will receive:​
Things you should know:​
Benefits you will receive:​

Since we all agree that one solution is not adequate to prevent ATM gas and solid explosive attacks, why not begin at the beginning. Prevent them from happening in the first place.

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