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customer and
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The door to security begins with ShockBuster™.

ATMs today are increasingly under physical attack. Explosive attacks are seeing an unprecedented rise in double figures in the past 5 years, and damages can be as high as $100,000 per attack.

What can you do to keep your customers’ safety top of mind?

Increase in GAS

Primarily due to


ShockBuster prevents gas & solid explosive attacks
Stop attacks before they happen.

With ShockBuster your ATM will receive the highest level of protection through the innovative design built with prevention as top of mind.

ShockBuster’s key benefit is that it impedes both gas and solid explosives from being inserted into the ATM safe.

An intelligently operated reinforced steel plate detects unwelcomed penetration to the shutter.

Further protection is provided through the alarm central control which can initiate an audible, visual or silent alarm based on your security procedures.

Every life matters
Every life is important which is why they must be protected.

Explosive attacks occur simply because the ATM is perceived as vulnerable due to its physical location.  

When an ATM does come under attack, our solution works to withstand the force needed to penetrate the ATM’s shutter.

Prevention of this type will not only save human lives but will also save millions in building damages as well as brand image.


Our numbers

+6 Years




+6 Billion


Since we all agree that one solution is not adequate to prevent ATM gas and solid explosive attacks, why not begin at the beginning. Prevent them from happening in the first place.

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