Just exactly how much damage can an ATM explosion cause?

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In less than 3 minutes you will be reminded of the hard facts why ATM physical security against gas and solid explosive attacks should be taken seriously, but of course you already knew that! The amount of damage that an ATM weighing (average) 750 kilos (1.6 pounds) of concrete and metal can cause all you […]

RBR’s BSEC 2021 was our first show but certainly not the last.

While banks continue to look for new ways to deter explosive attacks, InfoMAT’s solution was well received. Here are some show highlights. BankSec 2021 is the industry’s leading conference focused on physical, logical and cybersecurity. The event comprises a high-quality speaker programme from leading banks, government and law enforcement agencies, solutions providers and a range […]

Can you come up with 5 myths surrounding ATM physical security?

Here’s just one to get you started.  And if curiosity gets the best of you, feel free to download our infogram to read about the other 4. Surely there are more than 5 that we can come up with? Each with a varying degree of cost and impact to the management of an ATM network’s […]